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Remy Hair - Brazilian, Saga, Goddess or VirginFollowing the example of celebrities, women have started to go for the Remy hair extensions and waves instead of other grades of synthetic or human hair. Since they are in great demand, the market is full of a lot brands selling hair extensions.  If you are interested in getting for yourself Saga Remy hair weaves and extensions, there are some important aspects you should take into consideration.

  • Get to know your product, buy quality Indi Remy hair

First of all, you should know that the Remy hair is a lot better than other sorts of hair extensions on the market for the following reasons: longevity, natural luster, strength, shine and softness. Also, all the hair lays in one direction. It is a fact that using hair extensions too often damages your own hair. Before deciding to use Remy hair extensions, clip-ins, weaves or pre-bonded tips, make sure your scalp and hair are in the right condition. Your hair must be strong and healthy if you want it to support the extensions. It is important that at least once in six months you give your hair and scalp a period of two weeks rest. If you use either sew-in extensions or pre-bonded tips, you must consider allowing your hair to rest for a while.
Pick an appropriate length and don’t exaggerate with your extensions when buying Indian Remi hair. You shouldn’t choose the length of your extensions according to what is fashionable and to what celebrities go for. You must decide based on the style that is suitable for you, for your face shape, height and body type. Deciding what style is appropriate must be a personal matter and you shouldn’t let others influence you. Your profession, tastes, lifestyle and aspirations should be the ones based on which you choose your style. Keep in mind the fact that fashion changes all the time, but the best style for you is constant, individual and exclusive. You can also consider the color of your eyes and skin.

  • How to recognize real Remy hair

You need a lot of practice to get to recognize authentic Remy products. You need to follow some guidelines in order to avoid being fouled by fake distributors. Firstly, the hair has to be very soft when you touch it. It is supposed to run through your fingers and feel fluid like water. It shines, but not in a waxy way. Also, there are 2 categories of Saga Remy hair: non-colored (virgin) and colored (non-virgin). The first ones can be curly, straight or wavy.  They can be found in stores from all over the world and usually, they come from India. Sometimes, based on the place where the hair comes from, it may have different characteristics.
Non-virgin hair extensions might be colored or processed so that they include different textures. Pay attention when you choose your supplier since there is a great demand for Remy extensions, a lot of suppliers claim to provide authentic products. You must make sure that you are familiar with the Remy hair extensions and you know the way it feels when you touch them the way and they react when you brush them. If your option for hair extension is the Virgin Remy, you should know that the price will be equal with the quality. For instance, if you need a 20″ copper/red spiral curl or 24″ honey blonde deep wave curl it could be a little bit tricky because the products are imported from Europe or Brazil and the costs will become bigger than the other products that are supplied from Asia. If you want to be content about your choice, you need to know some things about the variety of Remy hair.
Your lifestyle is an important factor you have to take into consideration before you choose your application method. For instance, if you don’t want to go for something permanent, the solution for you is the clip-in-hair. If you desire a long term change, then you should choose either the pre-bonded tips or the sewn-in-weft.
If you decided on your color, your application method and your style, you have to search for a professional hair stylist because he/she is very important for the process. The clip-in Remy extension can be applied by a friend, but the other Remy products require the hand of an experienced hair stylist who knows how to apply it. Even more important is the fact that he/she can tell you how to take care of it. And a professional can also help you with the customization of your new look.
What is remy hair: (Video explaination)


  • Take good care of the Saga Remy hair extensions

You have to be careful with the maintenance of you new extensions and take good care of them. You have to brush them gently every day and wash them on a daily basis too. If you want to use heated products on your remy hair extensions, you have to be careful and avoid doing it very often.

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